Facebook Prefer Embrace Google and Apple

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said he did not want to have to always clashed with other technology companies. Instead, they should embrace each other. In particular, Zuckerberg mentions Google, Apple and Amazon as technology companies that should not be fought by Facebook.

We want to focus on doing one thing, and do it very well. – Mark Zuckerberg

He revealed it in an interview with Charlie Rose, veteran journalist from the U.S.. “I felt, this is not a situation where there will be one company that won it all,” says Zuckerberg.

According to Zuckerberg, Google does now look very competitive with Facebook. “They tried to make up for the small version, but if we look at Amazon and Apple, these are companies that are in line with us,” he said.

In an interview that was also the keynote speakers Sherryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Zuckerberg confirmed that it will not work on everything. There are things that should be worked counterparty Facebook, such as mobile devices or the ability to play video.

“We want to focus on doing one thing, and do it very well. If you look, there are other companies that do a lot of different things. But we’re only going to do one thing,” Zuckerberg indulge.

The full version of the interview will be published to coincide with a visit to his alma mater Zuckerberg, Harvard. During the visit, Zuckerberg will conduct activities such as meeting the students and President of Harvard.

Facebook Plans to Sue “Mark Zuckerberg”

Facebook is reportedly going to sue Mark Zuckerberg because the company is considered to have violated the terms of the social networking service Facebook. Zuckerberg defends himself, he dared to sue Facebook for killing the company.

However, this is not a carry Zuckerberg at Harvard University study, not Zuckerberg who lives in California, the United States, nor Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, which is currently in the list of the richest young people in the world.

Zuckerberg who is from Israel. Men 32 years old and married. He recently changed his name from Rotem GUEZ Mark Zuckerberg became legally in Israel’s Interior Ministry on December 7, 2011.

Zuckerberg founded the company form of online marketing called Like Store, which sells services to increase the number of “Like” a brand’s Facebook page of the company’s clients. Like Store owned Zuckerberg “asphalt” slogan put it: “You are sad because no one is visiting your Facebook page? We have a solution! Need 1000 Like? We’ll get it for you. Took 5000 Like? We’ll get it for you. Took 10,000 Like? We’ll get it for you. ”

Because the business is eventually shut down access into account Facebook Like Store since January 29, 2011. Closing it makes Zuckerberg furious and filed a lawsuit against the social networking giant. On 1 September 2011, the legal division will sue Zuckerberg Facebook threatens Like Store for violating the rules of Facebook. Facebook hopes that Zuckerberg shut down the business.

However, Zuckerberg was not a deterrent, and even changed his name. Starting from the name of identity to the passport, all converted to Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, he plans to change the family name to Zuckerberg. A week after that, precisely December 14, 2011, Facebook sends a threat to take his case to the law. But until now, there is no clarity what the reason Facebook sue Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg arguably a marketer who never gave up. He made a new Facebook account with the name I’m Mark Zuckerberg. Not only that, he also made www.markzuckerbergofficial.com site, which contains a short story feud with Facebook. In this site, read the text emblazoned Facebook Will Sue Mark Zuckerberg?

Perhaps, this is a marketing strategy that made Zuckerberg is that he gets a lot of support from sympathizers.

Here’s a video from a hidden camera while taking care Zuckerberg
replacement name.

Finally, Facebook Founder Speak About the Google Plus

After the silent whenever asked to comment about Google+, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spoke about these competitors. Zuckerberg says not consider Google+ as a serious threat to the social networking site Facebook and homemade is better than Google+.

Ever since Google+ appeared in July 2011 and then, Zuckerberg continued to ask the media pursued the possibility Google+ threaten Facebook, especially the affairs of the number of users.

In a BBC interview during the one-hour special on Sunday (12/04/2012) yesterday, Zuckerberg did was show face “masamnya” over the question BBC. In fact, Zuckerberg had ignored the question.

“Google is a great company and I want to see it and learn whatever I do. However, the number of Facebook users continues to increase and I think we have better tools to match,” said Zuckerberg, as quoted from TheNextWeb Kompas.com.

Local media release that Zuckerberg’s statement is the first recognition of the Google+ more clearly. Previously, Zuckerberg was calling Google+ a “Facebook Small”.

Currently Zuckerberg Google+ is monitoring the progress of both the number of users, amount of traffic to the features in it. As of October 2011, Google already has 40 million users and Facebook already has more than 800 million users.

Facebook Acquired Gowalla, an Effort to compete with Foursquare?

Social networking site Facebook reportedly acquires Gowalla, location-sharing services company from Texas USA.

Gowalla launched in 2009 could be described as a strong competitor Foursquare, both offer the same services even today people prefer Foursquare to share their location with colleagues.

The news was first reported by CNNMoney, which states although there is no official statement from both Facebook and Gowalla, but the founder Josh Williams Gowalla and all employees are preparing to move to Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California USA.

On Facebook, Gowalla team is assigned not to develop features such as location sharing service owned by Foursquare. However, they are given the responsibility to develop the Facebook Timeline feature, which was launched at the Facebook F8 conference in September.

Facebook Timeline itself is a feature or rather a page that will replace the existing Profile Page on Facebook. The concept of a Profile Page will be replaced by Timeline Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg referred to as the story of your life, your applications, and your place of expression.

Features “Seeker” Apple and Twitter Make Google Worry

Features service voice commands, Siri on the iPhone and search engines on Twitter have made worried Google as a search engine company in the world.

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt was forced to correct a statement made in a June who think that social media sites Facebok and Twitter is not a competitor of Google.

“My statement last June is completely wrong. The Internet is so dynamic and changing drastically,” Eric said as quoted by Gizmodo, Sunday (6/11/2011).

Siri is a voice recognition feature that is provided by Apple in the iPhone 4S that can act as a search engine and personal assistant. Users do not need to type a search term, but only say the word on the device. Automatically, the search engine will immediately look Siri. This feature is feared by Google because it can erode the market share of the world’s largest search engine.

Similarly, in Twitter. Users can find out what is being discussed at a given moment through features Trending Twitter Topic or search engine.

For Eric, the social networking site has changed the experience of people in socializing. Even shopping has changed the way from having to store into an online store.

According to Eric, Siri feature on the iPhone to be a special competition for Google because it gives innovation for search engine sites. Google now also got hard competition from several smaller companies. According to AppleInsider, Siri feature on the iPhone instead become a “Google killer” (Google Killer) and an entry point for Apple in exploring business search engine.

Google as its search engine Bing is being followed by the site of Microsoft, Yahoo and other social media sites such as Kayak, Amazon, WebMD, eBay and other sites.

Leaders Android, Andy Rubin admitted cheated with Siri feature of Apple. She still does not believe that the mobile phone can be an assistant. In fact, Rubin also had doubts that humans can communicate with the phone.

According to research firm ComScore, Apple’s iOS app has been downloaded by 43.1 percent of users of the Apple world. While Android followed with 34.1 percent of users.

Although still inferior to Apple, Google promised to keep 65 percent of the search engine market share throughout the United States, 95 percent of the market in Europe and 97 percent of the smart phone market.

Button “Subscribe” on Facebook, to Compete Twitter

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KOMPAS.com – Many people love Twitter because of the practicality compared to Facebook. In Facebook, if you receive a friend request from someone, then you will automatically be able to get all the status updates, and vice versa. However, in Twitter, if you do not follow someone, then you will not see the status of a person even if he or tweet to follow you.

Weakness Facebook is if you want to follow a celebrity status, you have to send a friend request. If the request is ignored, you will not be able to get the update status of celebrities. However, Facebook has now changed. Social networking sites with the largest user makes a feature like Twitter.

The feature is called Subscribe. Subscribe button is already available in stages so that any Facebook user can use the key. Subscribe is a service that helps the users to still get status updates from someone despite not being friends on Facebook. Try clicking the following link http://www.facebook.com/about/subscribe then click on “allow subscribers” and fill that up.

There will be a question of whether you allow others to become your subscribers, if so, choose on. Then there is the question of whether you allow Subscriber you submit a comment, if so, choose on. Then click okay, then people will be able to get your status updates without having to be friends on Facebook. Other people who have become friends on Facebook can choose if the subscriber is ignored by your friendship request.

“Now you can find out information from journalists, celebrities, and political figures, and others as well. Click the Subscribe button on someone’s profile to get their public updates in your News Feed,” Facebook said as quoted by the Telegraph website.

Subscriber is a new button will appear on every page of Facebook users, to the right of the message and adding friends. This button allows everyone to subscribe to public updates from people you want. Conversely, you can also read the status of other people around the world without having to make friends with your subscribers.

The move is seen by experts as a direct challenge to Twitter, and efforts to make more people share a large amount of public information, not just with their friends. Interestingly, when a Facebook user sends a friend request to someone else, now they automatically become a subscriber user status updates, without having to click the Subscribe button again.

On 2 September 2011 will also be announced Facebook rumored digital music service in partnership with Spotify and MOG. Let’s see what else will be done up to provide services for hundreds of millions of active users.

Maximize List, Facebook Try to Block the Circle Google +

Facebook continues to add new features to meet the challenges of the social networking service providers. In addition to features similar Subscribe Follow on Twitter, Facebook recently also maximize the features list to break the power of Google+ Ciccle.

List is a feature grouping friends on Facebook and restrictions on who can see a status us. This feature is already there before Google+ launched. Just how Facebook groups less interesting with the way Google displays Circle albeit with the same function.

Previous feature terkesna hidden under each state to be created on Facebook. There will be a choice, a group who can see the status of whether everyone or friends only include exceptions anyone who can not see.

However, now grouping has been done since the beginning. When going to add a friend on Facebook, will be asked to list where new friends. Each person can add the names of the desired list. For a list of friends who are already there, in the Friend also there is the option to post to the list each list based on profile information.

There is a difference in the concept of adding friends on Google+ because it looks more like a follower and user than Facebook that can only be 2-way when a friend request is accepted. Google+ Facebook digadang be a tough competitor but I instead let the slow development in Google+ so Facebook has a lot of time peering Google+ excellence gap.

Now, whether these Facebook features would be enough interest to retain users into tidka switch to Google+? Wait for its development